All About

fit club

Fit Club is simply a $20/month subscription & membership that gives you 20% off all your in-store and online purchases, no contracts, cancel anytime, no limit to how much you can save.

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

No! Anyone can purchase online or in-store.

Simply click on the sign up button above or head to https://thefitfoods.com/product/fit-club/

There are no contracts, you can suspend or cancel at anytime. Just go to https://thefitfoods.com/my-account/ and find the My Subscriptions on the left hand side. You can always email us at [email protected] as well.

The savings are endless, most customers save way over they $20 the sign up for. No catch at all, we just want to offer great food at an affordable price. 

Anyone that is in your family AND lives in your household may use this. No need for everyone to have to get their own.